Band and Musician Registration

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Band Registration

Registration closes 1st August 2015 or earlier (if the programme fills).

Please Note

For those of you who have experienced the Wagga Wagga Festival before know that we pride ourselves on being a very 'participative' event where musos and bands from all corners of the country are given the opportunity to play for the right reasons, ie: fun and experience. Although the majority of any profit made each year is paid back to all registered musicians as a 'thank you', and to assist with expenses. This is the same format the Halls Gap and Merimbula Festivals use. Last year this amounted to $100 per player.

However, as an enticement to jazz and blues audiences that don't necessarily play or arrive with musicians, each year we hire a few 'feature bands', to not only help put bums on seats and pay our bills, we believe these acts also offer encouragement and mentoring to the young and the not so experienced players and supporters.

If your band wants to be considered as a feature band DO NOT USE THE ONLINE REGISTRATION BELOW. Instead, send us an Email.

Non-Feature Band Registration

Band registration is electronic, utilizing an online form. Upon successful band registration you will be issued with a unique registration number and you will receive an automated email.

Your band registration number is your proof that you have registered. Do not lose your registration number!

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Individual musicians must register separately and send in their registration fee. See below for details.

Musician Registration

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To pay your musician's registration fee, and optionally, your partner's festival pass, click here, or call 02 6921 3012.